Türkçe Anlamları ve Örnek Cümleler:

1. Ertelemek

- I don't want to see salesman today. Can you put him off until next week?
- It's very easy to put difficult decisions off.
- They've decided to put off their wedding until March.
- You'll have to go to the dentist eventually. Why keep putting it off?
- Some couples put off having children until they are older.
- They were going to start building, but the work has been put off again.

2. Bir şeyden soğutmak

- His manner tends to put people off.
- Don't tell Lisa how hard the couse is - you'll put her off!
- They did their best to put their son off the idea of acting as a career.
- It's the smell of garlic that pust most people off it.
- The accident put me off driving for a long time.
- Don't be put off by his appearance - he's really very nice.

3. Rahatsız etmek

- The manager complained that the noise of the crowd had put his players off.
- Don't stand there watching me - you're putting me off!
- The loud music put Ben off his work.
- In the exam I was rather put off by somebody coughing.
- Don't let the restaurant's decor put you off. The food is really good

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Set Off

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